Vactia was a lush subcontinent ruled by an Imperial system. Sixty years ago, a rift opened in central Vactia, and a demonic legion poured in. With their Emperor destroyed and its lands decimated, the survivors fled to their colony in New Vactia and occupied the colonist villages from Velarian and east. This removal caused a great deal of strife
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between the colonists and the Vactians, although the remainder of the imperial legions could more than overwhelm the colonists. 

Vactian culture is based upon a strict code of law. The punishment for criminal charges is more often than not death, and although slavery is not legal one can be forced into servitude over a large debt. A darker part of Vactian society is blood sports, and an arena has been erected in New Vactia City- as of now only prisoners and beasts can be forced to praticipate in the arena, although volunteers are welcome with a sponsership. 

Vactia's government is currently ruled by Legatus Legionus Malleolus II,  He rules
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Vactia under emergency law that has been in place since the fall of the emperor. His father had decreed that until the new emperor could be chosen traditionally at Vactia's summit that the legion would maintain military rule of the state. Many disapprove of the current Legatus Legionus, as his position was very obviously granted by his father's will rather than experiance. Nevertheless he has commited his legions and every available mercanery to the battle for Vactia, trusting in the leadership of his legates as he manages affiars in New Vactia.

Vactian's often look down upon the New Vactian colonists, due to the apperant lack of lawlessness and difference in culture that developed from over two hundred years of little contact beyond trading. Where the Vactian have stuck with the traditions of high wizardy and swordplay, many colonists have turned to the ingenuity of technology. The technology that Vactian's have adopted came from contacts outside of the colonists grasp, steam powered suits that boost the strength of their most elite soldiers and magic enhancing technology.


The colonists of New Vactia were for a time left to their own devices until the exodus of Vactia sixty years ago. In their early history as Vactian colonists they drove the last of the forest elves, who feared the humans would destroy them as the Korvarian did, from their lands. They worked with the dwarves of the Ironspine mountains, and
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were able to trade water and food resources for steel.  The dwarves also taught the colonists how to create firearms and basic steam technology, rumored to have been traded for a steady supply of cow cheese. Soon the humans had built a huge railroad network that allowed them to quickly transport resources back and forth from the Ironspine mountains. Although never granted sovreignty, the colony was for the most part untouched by Vactian presence except for a guard legion that protected the colonies from creatures of the Tyran Mountains. 
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Many of the colonists of New Vactia were never praticularly fond of Vactia's stringent law process. The freedom allowed for freedoms considered both good and evil. The colonies had no mandatory servitude for being indebted, prostitution and gambling was legal, and they were free of the Vactian prohibition of alchohol. 

The forest elves that had been pushed into the Gorum Tangle were so scarce after being purged from their lands that they had to inbreed in order to survive as a race. Countless years of inbreeding, adjustment to the arid lands of Gorum, and later consorting with demons, gave rise to the race of the orcs. The orcs follow demonic gods and savagly attack the colonies without any purpose beyond bloodshed. 

The orcs and humans in the western part of the colony still clash regularly to this day. With the incursions by Vactia many more settlers were pushed west, and the orc problem worsened when Fort Ironspine had to withdraw many of its soldiers to return to Vactia to fight against the demons attacking them. 

These circumstances have amplified criminal activity in New Vactia. Small outlaw groups formed coalit

ions into two major groupings. The Hopkins gang runs amok in the west raiding supply lines near Ironspine (but also killing a great deal of orcs), and the Pit gang formed from the illegal settlement formed in the northern reaches of the colonies. The creation of Pit Village by the citizens purged by the incursions of Vactia was seen as a focal point of the rebelion of the colonists. The Sheriffs of Jenkinstown and Eastridge as well as a small militia was recruited that killed the groups leader, Cutter Thimpkins, in fear that the gangs survival would attract the attention of the legion. Pit Village was left standing, but a sheriff has been installed to keep order. Meanwhile the leader of the Hopkins gang, "Bullet" Hopkins, has been captured and is being transported to New Vactia for execution and a show of good faith by Marshal Gordon, the liason to the Vactia Empire.

 al Namoud Edit

Predating the Korvarian, many believe al Namoud are the first humans to have existed. They speak a language of a different dialect than other humans, and worship a group of Djinn's who grant their clerics power. The al Namoud were originally nomads, although over time they have become a fairly large civilization in the west. The grand palace of al Namoud is ruled over by the high cleric who interprets the Djinn's will to the people. Not all is well in the lands of Namoud, wizards and sorcerors are seen as heretics and executed. Many of the al Namoud have also excavated old airships and taken to piracy. 4
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