Long ago the Korvarian Technocracy was a vast empire that dominated the land with enormous metal creatures powered by steam, and ships that sailed in the air. Legend tells of a great war between Korvaria and the elves, and a great weapon whose power could not be contained tore the land assunder leaving Korvaria a great waste. The human survivors of the calamity abandoned their cities, spreading across the remnants of the continent and forgetting their origins, while the gnomes reclused into deep underground vaults.As the lands of Korvaria decayed into a desertous waste, the forests of the elves dissappeared and the creatures became attuned to the harsh suns of the ruins. 

Despite the loss of its greatest empire and a third of its habitable lands, the world has continued to live on. Many years later the Vactia empire arose from a small continent to the east, they settled on the mainland and pushed the last of the forest elves into the scrublands now known as Gorum's Tangle. Many years of inbreeding twisted the elves into the viscious orcs that plague the frontier today. The settlers of New Vactia enjoyed a great deal of freedom in this land, and technology surfaced from the Korvarian wastes popularized firearms. sixty years ago, Vacita proper was decimated by a powerful incursion of demons that forced the citizens of Vactia to withdraw into its colony. As Vactia's armys forced many of the colonists further into the frontier to make room for the refugees, and resource taxes became greater as Vactia's legions returned to Vactia to war against the demons, a large rift formed between Vactia and its colonists. Outlaws run amok throughout New Vactia, and even its Sheriff's have difficulty in seeing eye to eye with the alien culture of its parent nations policies. 


Fantasy setting featuring elements of steampunk, wild west, quasi- Roman, and arabic influences. Also raptor riding jungle halflings.


World Map

World Map (Draft)